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Sporty Luxury Sedans

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10 Best Sporty Sedans for 2017 | …

Chevrolet SS is one of the most affordable, sporty sedans on the market. It has a 6.2 L, V8 with 415 HP, so it offers impressive performances, but the price is much lower than sporty sedans with these performances have to offer. The 0-60 MP/H time is only 4.6 seconds, so it is even better than more expensive and more powerful models.

2018 ForbesLife Luxury Car Guide: Game

03/10/2017 · A guide to the best high-performance sports cars, game-changing SUVs and sophisticated sedans for 2018. Plus: The year's most outrageous extras.

10 Best Luxury Sport Sedans | …

When you’ve scraped and saved for an automotive treat, you’re faced with one big decision: do you want a luxury car, or a sports car? The answer, of course ...

10 Best Used Luxury Sedans for Ballin’ on …

Not everybody can afford a new luxury car, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve the luxury car experience. These are the 10 best used luxury sedans.
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8 Best Four-Door Sports Cars | U.S. News …

Think about your favorite sports car. If you’re picturing a sleek, low-slung coupe, you’re not alone. Part of the appeal of a sports car is that it is inherently impractical; it tells the world that you value style and excitement over the convenience of a big cargo area, or the ability to easily strap kids into booster seats.
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Best Sedans 2018 | Editors' Choice for …

At one time, the 3-series was the benchmark for all sports sedans, but its once uncompromised tactility has been slightly softened in this latest generation.
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