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Raymond Lévy

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First-class synchronization barriers

Our purpose is to promote a second-class mechanism --- the synchronization barrier --- to a first-class value. We introduce the synchron, a novel synchronization mechanism that enables the coordination of a dynamically varying set of concurrent threads that share access to a first-class synchronization token.


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Cayenne—a language with dependent types

Cayenne is a Haskell-like language. The main difference between Haskell and Cayenne is that Cayenne has dependent types, i.e., the result type of a function may depend on the argument value, and types of record components (which can be types or values) may depend on other components.

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S Raymond E Ressouche Theoretically unconventional spin-triplet superconductivity can arise from the exchange of longitudinal magnetic excitations, but is suppressed by the exchange of magnetic ...

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Raymond Lévy - Crccaz chercher

P. Raymond N. Halbwachs, P. Caspi and D. Pilaud. The synchronous datafiow programming language LUSTRE. Proceedings of the IEEE, 79(9):1305-1320, 1991.
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